D&AD Pantone – Luton Buses

Luton has had some bad press but just because something is grey doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful, as proven below by Henri Cartier-Bresson. It’s the rich cultures from different communities that gives Luton its vibrant colours.

Once a year Luton hosts a one day carnival where people from all across the town meet at the Town Centre to celebrate different cultures. The Town Centre is the hub of Luton, being considered a meeting place and a center point where all the public transport starts and ends.


The core to my concept for the Luton bus service lies in the change of colour for each bus stops and route. Each bus stop is a pale colour on the outside of town, changing to vibrant colour in the middle as all the different communities meet together at the Town Centre.

The different communities are what make the town vibrant, so each route has been given its own colour to show this and make each easier to identify individually.



The font chosen for this project is Kefa due to its friendly and unpretentious appeal. To express this ethos within the environment, bus stops take inspiration from the soft and rounded serifs of this font. The coloured bus stops indicate which route they are for, getting paler the further away from the town centre they get which physically embodies the concept.

Imagery on the bus stops also demonstrates what part of town the service is heading towards, celebrating the beauty of that area.


Each booklet includes a map showing the individual route of the relevant bus. It is in this that particular roads are highlighted to make the wayfinding process as easy as possible for the public.