Heritage Hunt

A local heritage based scavenger hunt for 18-25 year olds using maps and clues to find chests containing photographs, articles and other trinkets.

The brand mark symbolises things from the past being celebrated in the present and how the audience can contribute to the future.


Due to a lack of heritage being marketed towards people aged between 18-25,  a free spirited activity aimed towards them would significantly increase the overall interest in heritage.

Hunting for the chests is fun and lead by clues based on local landmarks. Once the chest is found the audience can look through content such as photographs, newspaper clippings and artifacts, all of which tell a story about the local area.



Each find section has a map of the specific area relevant to one of the hidden chests. From this the audience can use the textured background, clue and icon to find each chest.


Once the audience has found the chest they can look through it and leave their own items inside. Engaging curiosity in this way allows the audience to consider what it is they will be leaving behind – both physically and metaphorically.