Why Vote


Our university suggested that we construct a self negotiated brief to be completed over our holiday break. Given my interest in the area of place branding, I took this opportunity to further my knowledge.

As the public of a town or city are an important representatives for place brands, being touch points for whoever meets them, it is important that communication between the public and their government is strong. A good way to encourage the public to take an interest in this is to make the local elections more open and inclusive.


By designing something which makes all the information for the process fun, quick to access and easy to understand, this entices to people of all ages to take an interest and become involved.

As the Internet is becoming more widely used amongst a wide range of age groups, I thought it would be best to make this information available online.






Once in the web page there will be a number of sections explaining; the structure of government using information graphics, the important up and coming dates, the thoughts of local candidates on important topics and a BuzzFeed quiz style game which would suggest which candidate might be best for you. The BuzzFeed quiz will include the option to share their results across social media, encouraging others to try it themselves.



To utilise channels of distribution associated with the government I have chosen to advertise with the aid of postage stamps and stickers attached to coins.