FutureBrand – Boudicca Beer


To invent and design a totally new Lager or Ale brand for the UK mass market.

Core Insight

Consumers are purchasing less, preferring beer which is of high quality, authentic and ‘home grown’ with a divide between younger and older drinkers. The older generations preferring a crafted and cared for beer, being loyal to brands. The younger generations prefer lighter beers and enjoy variety.
Brand Positioning
A premium British crafted lager appealing to a wide market of consumers, simultaneously creating a brand they can be loyal to whilst it offers a supply to the demand of variety by celebrating the regions in which it is crafted. It also comforts the consumer with knowledge that they are making the right financial choice by buying locally.
A clear bottle labelled with cream, a trim of navy and gold and deep red detailing.
Each Lager will be marked with what part of the country they are from to satisfy the consumers need for variety.
To show its commitment to Britain the brand will support such charities as;
National Trust
The Royal National Lifeboat Institution
The Salvation Army
The Royal National Institute of Blind People
Royal Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
The Prince’s Trust
It would also show support to British talent such as music by sponsoring events. The designs below were inspired by the torc, an ancient piece of Celtic jewellery. From top to bottom these are examples of standard entry wrist bands, staff lanyards and VIP passes.
The pint glass design was based on a cup which was used around the same period as the ancient Celts.
If a bottle is sold on trade it will be served with a branded half pint glass. The entire bottle wont fit into the half pint, meaning that as they carry the bottle to the table it acts as extra advertising. To really embrace the idea of supporting British individuals each bottle will have a seal to show how each were individually cared for in their packaging.

The app user will be able to click on the Boudicca Head to learn about the history of the brand and what it stands for, view the range of beers the brand has to offer, see how the brand helps to support Britain, use the beer finder to find a local retailer and upload their war cry to social media. From the website the user can do all the same as the app with additional links to events information, news and media, the shop, how to contact us and how to pursue a career within the brand.


As a way to promote the brand there will be a social media contest where people can upload their war cries with the #WARCRY to be in with a chance of winning tickets to a music event.




Although the brief was to target the British audience, a plan for international expansion would be to use different figures from each nation to build a brand with the same ethos of supporting their country.