D&AD National Trust – Escape


To show the National Trusts passion for nature, beauty and heritage whilst considering what they have to offer a target audience aged between 25 and 40 years old in the UK.


Create a campaign that shows the public how they can escape from their routines with what the National Trust has to offer.


As the experience of the National Trust is so immersive and people are often immersed in their daily lives. It appeared that the obvious solution was to incorporate the National Trust into their daily surroundings to encourage them to interact with it.

Teaser Campaign

Looking at environments that the target audience might use such as cinema, driving, the gym and commuting to work, I wanted to entice them into stepping away from their routines. Displaying some of the natural beauty the national trust has to offer would stand out in an urban environment, and keeping the identity of the National Trust concealed would engage with the audiences curiosity.





Once the teaser campaign had created some curiosity, the final reveal would encourage the audience to engage with it, capturing their emersion. Using an escape button which would change what is displayed on a screen combined with sounds of nature, the escape button would be laying on a bed of grass to help it stand out from the urban environment. These environmental adverts would be displayed in car parks, train stations, public spaces and bus stops.