Take a Stance


Take a Stance was a group project where we were allocated a controversial topic and given a stance to take on it, with the end result being a presentation of our debates against the opposing team. The members of our group were Tim Woolliscroft, Valentin Noguès and myself. We were given euthanasia to debate against.


As this is a sensitive issue for many people, our concept focused on the devaluation of human life and how we could subtly represent that. We used inanimate objects to symbolise palliative care and euthanasia, showing one as being the more sustainable and caring option, and representing the other as being disposable and morally wrong.




Our video was linked to a campaign with the purpose of raising awareness to this issue, the brand of this campaign being Quale Cura which is Latin for the quality of care. We also produced leaflets to be handed out at the presentation and a poster to support our campaign.