A Campaign for the Charity Plan UK


Improve on the current amount of donations that Plan UK receives. Plan UK works in some of the world’s poorest countries, giving children a healthier start in life.


After contacting the charity it came to light that they do not receive any donations through purchased items, due to this method of donation being non-existent within the charity. Bought items generating 25% of the donations to all charities across the UK in 2012, this was obviously the most efficient way to achieve my goal of raising donations. Information collected by CAF’s charitable giving report 2012 showed people in their mid-forties and above are the most likely to engage in charitable giving, this information formed my idea of a target audience. To engage with the audience I wanted to install a sense of pride, presenting them with the idea of by doing for yourself you can help others.

As gardening is a prideful and popular activity for people in my target audience, gardening tools seemed like the ideal product to offer the customer. The tools have a stylish wax stamp as a badge of honour for the customer, with the tag-line ‘you grow, they grow’ to easily identify the item as a worth while purchase.

Tool and packaging

Trowel and Point of sale

Ad campaign packaging